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Monday, October 21, 2013


In honor of Reformation Day
(Remember to wear RED on Sunday!)

Question 1: When was Martin Luther born?
1483, 1460, 1506, 1501

Question 2: What was his father's profession or trade?

Shoemaker, Lawyer, Miner, Doctor

Question 3: What field of study did Luther's father want him to enter?

Medicine, Theology, Philosophy, Law

Question 4: In 1505, Luther suddenly decided to become a monk. A number of reasons for this decision are given by different scholars. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

A. He saw a vision of the virgin Mary

B. He was frightened by lightning and made a vow

C. He wanted to escape his brutal home and school life

D. His friend was killed in an assassination

Question 5: How many theses did Luther supposedly nail to the door of the Wittenberg Church?Answer: _________(Number of Theses)

Question 6: One of Luther's criticisms of the church was the sale of indulgences.

Question 7: How did the church respond to Luther's teachings?

A. He was excommunicated

B. His books were publicly burned

C. He was declared an outlaw

D. All of these

Question 8: Luther married Katharina von Bora in 1525. What was unusual about his bride?

A. She was a noblewoman marrying a commoner

B. She was a former nun

C. She was sixteen years older than Luther

D. She was divorced

Question 9: Luther's translation of the Bible into German (completed in 1534) was not the first one. Which of these was an earlier translation?

Wenceslas Bible, Einheitsuebersetzung Bible, Schlachter Bible, Elbersfelder Bible

Question 10: What were the terms of the Peace of Augsburg?

A. All people in a region voted on their preferred religion

B. Northern Germany became Protestant while southern Germany remained Catholic

C. The ruler had no say in his subjects' religious practices

D. The ruler of a region determined its religion

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