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Saturday, December 21, 2013


Why Is Pastor Keith going on Sabbatical?
Sabbaticals are times of time apart for rest, renewal, and vision. Many places offer two months every four years and it has been nearly six years since Pastor Keith last took this extended time.
What will Pastor Keith be doing?
Pastor Keith will be working through the information that people shared this fall in the small group meetings in order to craft a draft for conversation of a renewed vision for Trinity, reflecting on who we are, where we are, and what God, in and through the Holy Spirit, may be inviting us to focus our time, energy, gifts and resources as we move forward in mission and ministry.  
Pastor Keith will also be working on a Vacation Bible School model that incorporates much of what has been successful from our “Worship Together” Cross+Generational Service to provide a clearer path from participation in VBS to participation in our ongoing worship life.
Pastor Keith also hopes to incorporate some of his photos and reflections into a more useful devotional book, hike around south Florida with his camera, and do some other writing based upon our pioneering Worship Together service that might be of use to the wider church.
  1. Timeframe –  Sabbatical will commence following worship on Christmas Day, December 25th and will come to an end with Pastor Keith leading worship on TRANSFIGURATION SUNDAY MARCH 2nd       
  2. During the Sabbatical, who should I contact if I have a question or concern?
    1. Council President Kristin Berkey-Abbott kristinLBA@aol.com (954) 931-6739
    2. Council Vice President Ron McCoy   rmccoyohfl@gmail.com (954) 790-3106
    3. Council Secretary Earline LaCroix elacroix1@netzero.net (954) 650-5744
  3. During the Sabbatical, who should I contact if I or someone I know needs pastoral care/visit/prayer
    1. Contact either either Ron Mccoy or Earline LaCroix who can arrange for care with our Care Team or Pastor Bedenbaugh as appropriate.
  4. Can I still call or email Pastor Keith during his Sabbatical?
    1. We ask you to please respect Pastor’s sabbatical time and use the previously mentioned contacts instead.
  5. Who will be leading worship? Will we still have communion?
    1. December 29th there will be a single service of Holy Communion at 10AM which will feature a reprise of the 11PM Christmas Eve Cantata Service.
    2. For the Sundays that Pastor Keith will be on Sabbatical there are three different pastors scheduled to preach and preside at communion at the 11AM service and preside at communion at the 9:45AM Worship Together service.  Two pastors will be with us for two Sundays each and one pastor will be with us for four Sundays.
  6. What about Weddings, Funerals and Baptisms?
    1. Weddings –  Pastor Keith will not be available for weddings during sabbatical (DEC 25-MARCH 2) but weddings may take place at Trinity if the couple provides another pastor. Weddings may be scheduled for after sabbatical dates by contacting SAM in the office who will pass the request along through the council Executive Committee to Pastor Keith.   
    2. Funerals If Pastor Keith is in town he will be available on an emergency basis for member funerals.  If not, other arrangements will be made.
    3. Baptisms – Regular Baptisms will be scheduled for after Pastor Keith’s return – Emergency Baptisms will be handled by contacting either Ron McCoy or Earline LaCroix who will make arrangements through other pastors.
  7. What about the Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting on JAN 26 2014?
A.   The Semi-Annual Congregational meeting will take place during all worship service on JAN 26th (9:45AM and 11AM) and will be led by Trinity’s council officers. The proposed agenda for that meeting includes council elections and the final vote on the revised Trinity Constitution. For elections there are two positions available, each a 3 year term. The Nominating Committee and Congregational Council have proposed Zory Graciani and Reed Talbert, whose names will appear on the ballot. The floor will be open for additional nominees during the semi-annual meeting portion of worship. Those proposed to be added to the ballot will need to be present, active voting members, be seconded, and agree to be nominated. Their names will then be added to the ballot. Any floor nominations at the 11AM service will make the meeting a Nominating Meeting and move the voting one week to FEB 2nd. Reed is an incumbent and this would be his second three-year term. Zory served previously several years ago and this would count as her first three-year term.  The congregation will also be taking a final vote on the revised Trinity Constitution which will require a two-thirds vote for approval. The revisions were approved by Trinity members at a special Congregational meeting on November 10th  and as was explained at that time the vote on JAN 26th is a straight up or down vote with no changes to the constitution permitted (this is mandated procedure for constitutional changes going for final approval).
  1. When Will Pastor Keith be returning from Sabbatical?
    1. Pastor Keith will return on Sunday March 2nd to preach, preside, and fry up beignets as part of our “Beignet-A-Palooza: celebration of Mardi Gras as we prepare for the season of Lent. 
  2. SPRING CALENDAR: (Revised as of DEC 2013)
Pastor Keith’s Sabbatical (through March 2nd)
4th    9AM Church Yard Work Day
5th    Pastor Andreas Thode preaching
5th    Take down and put away Christmas and Advent decorations after worship                                     
12th Pastor Andreas Thode preaching
12th                 BLOODMOBILE
14th                 WELCA
19th                 Pastor Sharon Dorr preaching
26th                 Pastor Sharon Dorr preaching
26th  Healing Services
26th Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting/Council Elections/final vote on revised Trinity Constitution
1st    9AM Church Yard Work Day
2nd   Easter Food Basket Envelopes begin             
2nd   Pastor Robb Grimm preaching
9th    Pastor Robb Grimm preaching
11th                 WELCA
9th    Valentine’s Day Trinity Justice Ministry Gift Sale
16th                  Pastor Robb Grimm preaching
18th                  Justice Ministry Team Assembly 7:30PM loc. TBD
20th -21st         WELCA Rummage Set Up
23rd                  Pastor Robb Grimm preaching
23rd                  Healing Services
1st    9AM Church Yard Work Day
2nd  Beignet-A-Palooza! Sabbatical Ends
2nd   WELCA Easter Egg orders begin     
5th    ASH WED
7AM Imposition of Ashes
Noon Imposition of Ashes with Communion
6PM Pancake Supper
7PM       Pre-Service Music Trinity Worship Choir
7:30PM Imposition of Ashes with Communion
9th    Easter Lily Envelopes Begin
9th    1st Sunday in Lent
11th                 WELCA
18th                 BOLD Justice Rally at 7:30PM – location TBD
BOLD Justice Nehemiah Action DATE and TIME TBD
5th    9AM Church Yard Work Day
6th    Last Sunday to order WELCA Easter Eggs
8th    WELCA
13th                 PALM/PASSION SUNDAY
13th                 Last Sunday to order Easter Lilies
17th                 MAUNDY THURSDAY     Noon; 7:30PM
18th                 GOOD FRIDAY Noon; 7:30PM
20th                 EASTER SUNDAY
        6:30AM Outdoor Sunrise Service
        9:30AM Family Service
        10:30AM Easter Egg Hunt
        11AM Cantata Service
27th                 Healing w/Cantata Reprise
3rd   9AM Church Yard Work Day
9th    6:30PM Mother-Daughter Banquet
11th                 Blessing of Mothers
11th                 BLOODMOBILE
13th                 WELCA Spring Tea
18th                 Blessing of Graduates
22nd Budget Presentation Meeting 7PM
1st    Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting/BUDGET VOTE
7th    9AM Church Yard Work Day
8th    Pentecost/Confirmation/Multiculturalfest
15th                 Marriage Vow Renewal Service
20st-22nd Synod Assembly (Orlando)
22nd    Blessing of Fathers
23rd – 27th Vacation Bible School
29th  VBS Worship

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