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Sunday, April 06, 2014


Dear Trinity Members and Friends,
Our BOLD Justice Nehemiah Action this past Thursday was a success, with over 1,100 people packing St. Mark's Catholic Church and seeking justice on issues of employment, juvenile justice, and children's reading and academic achievement.

Thank you if you were one of the people who came out to make our collective voice heard!  Whether you were able to join us or not, there are still TWO important ways that you can make a difference in helping BOLD Justice win a victory on the employment issue.
This Tuesday, April 8, at 2 p.m., the Broward County Commissioners will meet to consider the Workforce Investment Ordinance that BOLD Justice has been instrumental in bringing to this point.  It needs five votes for passage.  So one thing you can do is attend the Commission Meeting on the 4th floor of Government Center, 115 S. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale.  Try to come by 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday in order to get through security in time for the meeting at 2 p.m.  There is a nearby Government Center Parking Lot where you can get a parking ticket that will be stamped to provide you free parking.  Wear RED to show you are part of BOLD Justice and that you support the ordinance.

The ordinance would give unemployed people in Broward County a better opportunity to get some of the jobs relating to contracts with Broward County.  The county spends over $2 billion every five years for public works projects.  Local hiring agreements, such as what this ordinance would enact, have been proven to provide high quality, high skill jobs to traditionally hard-to-hire populations. 

And whether or not you can join us on Tuesday, you can still make your voice heard by calling the commissioners on Monday in support of the ordinance, or by emailing them.
Below, we are providing a script that you may wish to use for the calls or emails, with some specific contact information below that for the various commissioners.  One thing you should know:  one commissioner may bring a weaker proposal to the commission meeting which would replace the ordinance with a program.  A program does not carry the legal force of an ordinance and could be discontinued at the whim of the Commission at any time.  BOLD Justice is standing firm in its commitment to the unemployed by standing firm for the Workforce Investment Ordinance.

Phone or Email Script (make sure you fill in your name and you can provide your address if you are a Broward County resident):
Hi, my name is _______________.  I live here in Broward County.  I am a supporter of the efforts that packed St. Mark's Catholic Church on Thursday night in support of Broward's unemployed citizens and other important justice issues.  One of the things discussed was the upcoming Broward Workforce Investment Ordinance.

I am contacting you to express my support for the passing of this ordinance.  This ordinance would be a strong step towards helping the 54,000 unemployed people living in Broward County.  In order for it to gbe effective, it needs to be a requirement for all companies doing business with Broward County, not a voluntary program.  On April 8th at the public hearing, as a representative of Broward County, please support the ordinance.  Many of us will be there to show our support for the ordinance.  I hope we can count on your support, too.
Mayor Barbara Sharief  954-357-7008, bsharief@broward.org
*Mayor Sharief was unable to attend the Action on Thursday, but she sent a letter expressing her support for the ordinance.
Vice Mayor Tim Ryan  954-357-7007, tryan@broward.org
*Vice Mayor Ryan was scheduled to attend the Action on Thursday, but he showed up at the very end and therefore was not able to participate as planned.  He has not stated clearly whether he will support the ordinance.

Dale Holness  954-357-7009, dholness@broward.org
Commissioner Holness has been the person working to move this ordinance forward for a vote.  He expressed his full support at the Action on Thursday, but we are concerned that he may give in and accept a program rather than an ordinance.  Please urge him to remain BOLD for Justice!

Martin Kiar 954-357-7001, mkiar@broward.org
Commissioner Kiar had planned to attend the Action on Thursday, but his mother died earlier in the week and her funeral was Thursday.  Please express your sympathies to Commissioner Kiar.

Kristin Jacobs  954-357-7002, kjacobs@broward.org
Commissioner Jacobs notified BOLD Justice that she was unable to attend the Action on Thursday due to an out-of-town appointment.

Stacy Ritter  954-357-7003, sritter@broward.org

Commissioner Ritter did not attend the Action on Thursday.

Chip LaMarca  954-357-7004, clamarca@broward.org
Commissioner LaMarca did not attend the Action on Thursday.

Sue Gunzburger  954-357-7006, sgunzburger@broward.org

Commissioner Gunzburger did not attend the Action on Thursday.
Lois Wexler    954-357-7005, lwexler@broward.org
Commissioner Wexler did not attend the Action on Thursday.  Commissioner Wexler has said she will propose a program as an alternative to the Workforce Investment Ordinance.  BOLD Justice feels a program would be a much weaker and less effective alternative.

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