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a blended service of traditional and contemporary elements with communion

In the hall at 9:45AM
scripture, prayer, and creative response with communion

Worship each Sunday @ 8:30AM, 9:45AM, and 11AM

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Sunday, April 13, 2014


There are no normal Sundays. At least not at Trinity Lutheran Church Pembroke Pines.  Ever. Our "little" 8:30AM service grew from 4 to 8 over the past month and today topped off at 14. We squeezed into the choir loft - our "chapel" for smaller worshipping groups  - and once again the intimacy was a gift. Our 9:45AM Worship Together CROSS+GENERATIONAL Service found us signing and singing the new commandment to love one another  - so that everyone will know that we are Jesus' disciples - a commandment made real as we all shared our highs and lows from the week in our small groups as we wove little crosses together for Palm Sunday. As our 11AM service began a blown transformer robbed us of most of the power to the building - so our choir director kicked up a little "This Little Light of Mine" and the organist moved down to the piano, and we proceeded with Palm Sunday with more than enough light :)  I watch a little girl take her first communion (and get her 3 year old "Amen!" in with a smile on her face).

The Butterfly Garden was full and looking its Sunday best with new plants and lots of mulch laid down from Annie Johnson Broderson's girl scouts and some friends and members of Trinity putting in some overtime. Some of the kids refilled the bird feeders. People filled their cars with folks who needed rides. Everywhere groups were rehearsing for Easter. Another part of our year long renovation was completed as the parking lot was sealed and re-stripped. A volunteer pressured cleaned the sidewalks. Another purchased and replaced the flag for the flagpole. Folks were serving coffee hour and cleaning up and doing a million other things, give or take, that needed doing. To close the day I snuck in and listened to our organist and one of our teen soloists practicing for a sung rendition of Psalm 22 for Good Friday evening service. I would have secretly recorded it, but it was too holy for that.
Blessings All for an awesome Holy Week!
Pastor Keith

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