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Saturday, May 03, 2014


Blessings and Prayers this Thursday and Throughout Your Week,
Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
Obviously a number of things around Trinity are in transition right now with more coming as I will mention a bit further along in this note. As much as change often brings temporary stress, the fruits of change open opportunities to once again discern God's will and invite deep reflection on what God is doing in our midst and how we can further that work for the sake of the Kingdom.
First off, we move forward now without a paid Office Administrator. Volunteers to help out in the office will be welcome shortly and much appreciated. There are always bulletins to fold and stuff with News and Announcements and Worship Slips. There is a new "member database" that will need data entered and checked. There are boxes of old records and stuff that need to be reviewed and those things not required to be retained, shredded or thrown out. There is a space on the worship slip to let us know that you are interested in volunteering - with service hours given for students where permitted.
Dany Vega, our Facilities Manager has taken over the management of the "building use calendar" with Ron McCoy, Trinity's Treasurer, coordinating the paperwork for our outside groups.  For the sake of order and proper planning, any use of the facilities or equipment must be checked out with Dany in advance, please. 
We are switching over the phones to Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) through AT&T and this should be competed on Friday. VOIP is a fancy way of saying that ATT is providing our phone service via an internet connection rather than a traditional landline. It is getting much more common these days and will save us not a small sum of money on our monthly phone bill. Trinity's main number will remain (954) 989 1903. When the office is unoccupied we will try to have phones forwarded to my cell which remains (954) 668 6077. If calls are not being forwarded, the church voicemail should pick up for you to leave a message.
A few quick things:
Vacation Bible School registration forms are now on the table in the narthex along with the list of needed donation items. VBS takes place June 16-20 from 6PM for all ages! There will also be an adult class this year led by Pastor Keith focusing on the daily VBS Bible Stories. the first VBS Planning Meeting is this Sunday at 12:15PM in Charter Hall.
There is a basket in the narthex for your used printer cartridges. We have now begun to recycle them with Office Depot which gives us a discount on supplies for doing so.
We now have five adults who will be rotating in a schedule to provide nursery supervision at the 11AM service. Under our new policy approved by our insurer, background checked adults will always be present as nursery supervisors. Parents, may always be with their own children in the nursery  if they choose to. And youth are permitted to assist with the nursery on an as needed basis with the approval of the adult nursery supervisor for that day. As a reminder: No food in the  nursery please and the congregation is asked to use the other bathroom in the choir room and not the nursery bathroom.
The "Merry Go Round" in the playground area has  been removed as it had become prohibitively expensive to continue to have it following our recent insurance inspection. As a result of that inspection we have also upgraded our emergency lights in the sanctuary to include battery backups.
Trinity Lutheran Church
8362 Pines Blvd Suite 431
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
Why a new mailing address? Because we found that our mail was being exposed to tampering and theft and the weather. Trinity now rents a mail box at a local UPS Store  where we have 24/7 indoor access and complete security.
Why a new email?
Because gmail provides more flexibility and better remote access so we will be able to respond more quickly to emails moving forward.

WELCA (Trinity Woman’s Group)
Tickets for the May 9th 6:30PM Mother-Daughter Banquet are now on sale. Today is the final Sunday to purchase your tickets!  Adults $12  - Ages 4-11 $6 -  3 years and below free
WELCA May Ladies Tea is Tuesday May 13th. Come enjoy an evening with Chonda Price (via DVD) as you enjoy a favorite cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee. 7:30PM in Charter Hall.
WELCA Covered Dish – Final Meeting JUNE 10th  6:30PM before the summer. Pastor Keith will be teaching a combination cooking and Bible Study class on the topic of Bread and the Bible

FOOD PANTRY UPDATECurrent pantry needs:  canned tuna, vienna sausage, jelly, chunky soups, chili or stew We are also in need of " travelsized" soaps.
We will be collecting ENSURE and similar Nutrition shakes (including Publix Brands) on Mother's Day, Sunday May 11th, to help our some of our Food Pantry recipients who require these shakes to ensure more adequate nutrition. Please bring your donations to the cart in the narthex on that Sunday.

Summer is almost here!
+++High School student Food Pantry volunteers needed +++
Volunteer hours awarded where permissible.

Jacob Smitter and his lovely wife Joyce have blessed us for the past five years in so many ways. From the choir leadership, to singing and songwriting, to providing music for special events, to helping out with our IT (technology maintenance and upgrades) and so much more. They have witnessed to what it means to give themselves away in the manner of Christ and inspire us weekly. They have announced that life has blessed them with the opportunity to move closer to their parents and that they will be moving to Martin County soon. Their last Sunday with us will be May 25th and we will express our gratitude with a special coffee hour at 12:15PM on that day.

Our longtime organist, Barbara Gilson, will be taking over the leadership of the  Summer Worship Choir which will provide music support for our worship through early September. Later this summer Trinity's Congregational Council will begin the process of discernment for how our worship will be lead and supported into the fall and beyond and we ask for your patience and prayer. We will do our best to provide timely updates to the congregation as things progress. 

I also want to thank everyone once again for the wonderful time of giving thanks to SAM for her service in the office. She has provided the following letter of appreciation to share with you all:
To all my dear friends at Trinity,
In the past 13+ years you have been with me through ups and downs, tears and smiles.  You have seen how strong my faith is and through my strong friendships with all of you, it has kept me going through it all.  Without YOU, my Trinity family, I couldn’t have gotten through the fire, our son’s bi-polar, and kept my sanity. 
Trinity has been such a big part of my life and will continue to do so… I will still, with my team, continue with the Prayer Shawl Ministry, sing in the choir, with my other team, we will still do the Easter and Thanksgiving Baskets, and I will do the 4th of July event as it is so important to so many.
And how can I ever thank you for all the warmth and love you have shown me at my party on Sunday!  Thank you for the coffee hour helpers, Jacob for the beautiful music, and especially Richard Jeboo… the one who made me cry!  For singing not one, but two songs to me!  For the beautiful assorted flowers and roses.  The delicious cake from Doris’ market.  All the LOVE!!! You know when one door is closed, another is opened.  And you all know how God has had His arms tight around me blessing me ever since the sire so… I’m not worried!  Thank you for your continuing to keep our family in your prayers and remember that our door is always open to you… just call first to be sure I’m home.  305-978-2324
Blessings, love and hugs always, Sam 
My friends, let us remember today:
But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's own people, in order that you may proclaim the mighty acts of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Once you were not a people, but now you are God's people
1 Peter 2:8-9
Ever in Christ

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