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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stewardship Letter

This letter will be distributed at worship this coming Sunday - here is an advanced Copy
In Christ,
Pastor Keith
November 18, 2014
Dear Sisters Brothers and in Christ,
Blessings in the Name of our Lord and Savior!

This has been a year of change and transition for us and a year full of blessings and much for which we are thankful. Centered in the love and grace of God, our community has been a place of healing, compassion, and outreach.  Just last Sunday, Rose Sidun’s daughters came to worship and expressed their gratitude for the care and love with which Trinity surrounded her during her time with us before her recent death.  Ginny Busini, Marge’s daughter expressed similar sentiments for our support during Marge’s final weeks and for herself in her grieving.  People of Trinity cared for them with a ministry of prayer, presence, and by providing for their needs be that food or transportation and much more; whatever came up, someone was there, often without being asked.  The Christian community is a community of selfless love and the more we approach opening our hearts and our hands to such service, the more we experience “the life that is really life,” as Saint Paul tells us.   As your pastor, I am humbled on a daily basis by the witness of your faith made active in love and the witness that others provide to Trinity. As we have given, we have also received:  from the Girl Scouts to nearby Montessori schools, from Christus Victor Lutheran Church, to Living Faith Lutheran Church, to those congregations and groups that we house as guests in our facilities and more, we have received blessings of work, donations of goods  and offerings and the gift of fellowship.
As many of you are aware I was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease lupus this past summer. As a result I have been placed on several medications to help with the symptoms which currently include joint pain and fatigue.  My body is fighting itself and this may flare up from time to time from stress or too much sun and other triggers. Most days I am fine, while others I will need to rest more.  I continue to appreciate your prayers and the heart-felt compassion as people step up their volunteering to lend a hand, especially with the office responsibilities that I acquired when we shrank our staff to balance the budget.  As your pastor, this disease has given me the opportunity to care for myself in ways that I have long ignored and as such to be a better witness for all on the need for self-care and Sabbath time. The disease is not curable and may or may not progress and is rarely fatal for which I am grateful.  Your words and deeds of compassion give me comfort and strength. Thank you!

In worship we have spent the last few weeks talking about blessing and faithfulness and the generosity that flows from a life of gratitude.  I hope you have found the stories that people have shared and my sermons during worship challenging and meaningful.  As our three weeks on parables of stewardship comes to a close you will have the opportunity to do a couple of things.  First, look at all that is included in this packet and take some time in prayer. We will give you time in worship for that and for the next two actions. If you are receiving this through the mail, please do this at home and bring the two slips in with you next Sunday or mail them to the office at the address on the top of this letterhead.  Second, please fill out the form entitled “MY OFFERING PREFERENCES” and include your name. Third, please fill out the form entitled “My Commitment(s)” and DO NOT sign your name and fold it in half. We will collect both of your slips during the offering time and dedicate all at the altar.
Your Pastor and Brother in Christ,

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