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Friday, November 14, 2014


A troop of girl Scouts led by Annie Johnson Broderson is coming to Trinity on Saturday to bring food for the food pantry and help in the garden. They will be planting passionflower vines and Dutchman's Pipe and Butterfly Weed and Fennel - all food sources for a number of local butterfly caterpillars. They will be weeding and mulching as well. My heart fills with gratitude at their service and caring. Just as it filled and continues to fill as folks surrounded Ginny Busini with such loving comfort this week at Marge's funeral and before and after, of course. I watched our food pantry as it gave bags of food to over 20 families the first 40 minutes they were open on Thursday. We will have a table of blessing that we will begin to fill for Thanksgiving with food to re stock and help some more families. Sam Newton and her team filled baskets and blessed many families as well for the coming Thanksgiving holiday and for that ministry folks donated generously. There will be a box in the narthex  for gently used teenage clothing for the Lippman Shelter  for Youth. This Sunday is the deadline for donations towards boxes for Seafarer's House. 

Shoebox Guidelines
 So very far away from home these small gifts mean so much!

o Standard adult size boxes only, approximately 11” X 7”; no boot boxes or children’s shoeboxes please.  This is so all gifts are equally wonderful!
o The lid of the shoebox must be wrapped separately so that the box can be opened for security.
o Shoeboxes can be wrapped, painted or decorated with pictures pasted over writing on box.

  New items in regular sizes please!

1. Athletic White Socks
2. After Shave
3. Combs
4. Deodorant
5. Disposable razors
6. Shampoo
7. Shaving Cream
8. Soap/ Shower Gel
9. Tooth Brushes
10. Toothpaste
11. Pencils/ pens/ pencil sharpeners

OPTIONAL EXTRAS - These are extra items that a seafarer might enjoy finding included with the above:

1. Playing cards
2. Picture post cards
3. Calendars with pretty pictures
4. A Christmas card from the donor
5. A Christmas letter or drawing from a child
6. Hard candy

There will also be a basket in the narthex for donations of icing, spray icing, sprinkles, red hots and other decoration candies for our annual Gingerbread decorating day coming up soon on December 7th. 
As ever, I am grateful to serve such a gracious and generous parish, who cares for the other with the whole of their lives.
Ever in Christ,
Pastor Keith

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