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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We spent three weeks this fall in worship engaging in three Jesus'  "Stewardship parables" about how we use our time, our gifts/passions, and our financial resources. Then everyone was invited to answer four commitments anonymously. 56% of those who could respond, did (which is a great number by the way).
For those who did here is the breakdown to their affirmations:
I will pray daily for Trinity and especially its lay leadership and pastor as they seek faithfully and humbly to lead us as God gives them ability (94% yes)
I will give generously for the mission and Ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church of what God has blessed and entrusted to me (85% yes)
I will commit to giving regularly, whether I am present or absent, of an amount I prayerfully discern. (91% yes)
I will increase my offering for 2015 by an amount I prayerfully discern. (47% yes)

A people who pray, who give, who give regularly and generously are a people for whom much shall be expected and through whom much can be accomplished in and through the Holy Spirit for the sake of the world. It is an honor to serve a parish and a people so committed to embodying the love of God in all aspects of their life to the glory of God.
Ever in Christ
Pastor Keith

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