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Sunday, September 13, 2015

GWOH Sunday!

Thank you to Basilisa Perkins, Mark, Kate and Belen for helping get us ready for our Celebration of God's Work. Our Hands. (GWOH) Day of Service next Sunday! After doing an inventory of supplies,  they put together 25 hygiene kits for Lutheran World Relief! To complete the rest of the kits next Sunday we still need volunteers after each service plus 28 bars of 4oz or so sized soap, 35 dark colored 27x52 inch towels, and 40 nail trimmers (with or without files). If you can help with any of those items, please let me know! 

Next Sunday, the Food Pantry Shopping Cart will also be in the narthex all Sunday morning to collect your donated food items for the Food Pantry - it has been so busy lately - food comes in and goes out. 

Ever wanted to help refugee families? Next Sunday, Kristin Berkey-Abbott and her crew will be making LWR quilts all morning long in the hall. Completed quilts will be shipped off and distributed to refugees through LWR's program. 

Every year on GWOH we also ship cookie packs off to college students (if they are home or away for school, it doesn't matter). And we will send cookies to any college student you wish to be so blessed. Just give us a name and address! We will also include some notes of encouragement for them. 
So we need lots of cookies on Sunday! And volunteers to pack them up after each service. And if you have any more names/address to add to our mailing list please get them to me ASAP.

It is a blessing to serve!

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