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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bucket Truck

Some people have bucket lists. But at Trinity Lutheran we are looking to borrow a bucket truck so we can work on some outdoor lights without having to resort to a very tall ladder. Anyone have access to a bucket truck we could borrow? Let Pastor Keith or John Walker know.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


A ministry that needs some special folks to get it going is transportation for some of our home bound to Drs appointments and such during the day. If you want in on this very important ministry please let Pastor Keith know.


Bishop's School will be hosted by the Florida-Bahamas Synod, June 21-25, 2016, at Luther Springs in Hawthorne, Florida. Deadline for application is February 15, 2016.

For more than 25 years, Region 9 of the ELCA has offered Bishops' School, an opportunity for serious theological study for outstanding 11th and 12th grade high school students. The purpose of the school is to provide an in-depth exposure to solid theological thinking and inquiry.

This experience will bring together about 30 youth who will spend five days with faculty from ELCA colleges and Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary and one Region 9 Bishop. This year's Bishops' School will be held at Luther Springs in Hawthorne, Florida, June 21-25, 2016.
If you are interested, please let Pastor Keith know ASAP.

More informatoin at

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Transportation Care Ministry

Another ministry that needs some special folks to get it going is transportation for some of our home bound to Drs appointments and such during the day. If you want in on this very important ministry please let Pastor Keith know.

God's Promise to David

by Kristin Berkey-Abbott

The reading for Sunday, January 31, 2015:

2 Samuel7:  1-14a

It's interesting to read this passage just a few Sundays after reading about the baptism of Jesus.  We see two men early in their careers.  We see God proclaiming God's pleasure in the two men.  Jesus has yet to do anything impressive.  David, on the other hand, has done quite a bit.

We might think about David's trajectory and feel despair about our own.  David has been plucked from the obscurity of being a shepherd and the youngest.  He has made his way in King Saul's palace.  As God turned away from Saul, it became clear that God favored David.  Chaos ensues, and David emerges to win the throne.  Along the way, he defeats many enemies and wins many battles.

So, at this stage, it's no wonder that God makes this statement of support of David.  But look again at this speech of God's.  God knows that David is human--and if we remember the trajectory of the whole story, we know it too.  David will make massive mistakes, just as we will.  But God declares that even though there may be punishment for those mistakes, as the world will mete out punishment, God's love will remain.

God makes the same promise to us.  God doesn't judge us by the rules of the world.  God loves us regardless.

In these days of New Years resolutions going off the rails for many of us, that's a great reminder.  God chose you. God delights in you. God loves you.

You may find this hard to believe. You may be able to believe that God loves people like King David or Mother Theresa or Archbishop Tutu, or any number of people more worthy than you. The good news is that God loves you the same way. God sees you in the same way.

No matter how much you improve yourself, God will still love you. No matter how many times you lose sight of your goals and move further away from the best self that you could be, God will still love you. Of course God sees your full potential and probably hopes that you'll move in that direction. But even if you don't, God will love you anyway. No matter how miserably you've failed, God will always welcome you.

If we truly believed that God loves us the way God loves King David, would we be empowered to live our lives differently?  What would that look like?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

David in the Early Years

by Kristin Berkey-Abbott

The reading for Sunday, January 24, 2016:

1 Samuel 16: 1-13

In this text, we see how David comes to be on the path to being king.  If you're like me, we forget David's lowly origins.  I think of him in his greatness.  I forget that he started out as a shepherd boy, the youngest in the family, one not brought forward for a blessing.

Or perhaps that's not fair.  Maybe he needed to be with the sheep because the sheep needed protection.

But let us think on this for a minute, this issue of God's favor and the chosen one.  Notice again how God upends human expectations.  God chooses the lowly, not the oldest, not the one who is the most handsome, not the one with skills that are immediately apparent.

Here, as in other stories, David's time at the low end of the social structure will serve him well.  He can play the lyre; I imagine him playing as he watched the sheep, a boring job most of the time.  But that skill will be crucial, as David soothes King Saul when the evil spirits come upon him.

The story from his younger, pre-King days that many of us might remember is the story of David and his slingshot against the Philistine giant Goliath.  And just as he has killed the animals that threaten the sheep, he's able to kill Goliath.

We live in a society that's not as stratified as the time in which David and Samuel lived, but it's easy to feel like we're not one of the chosen ones--in our society, the chosen ones are so few.  But the Bible shows us again and again that we all have value to God.  And often, the ones who are most outside of society's favor--those left with the smelly, dirty, boring jobs, like tending the sheep, those who aren't even thought of when we think of God's blessing--those are the ones that God most often needs.

We are all capable of so much more than most of us realize.  God calls us to meet a larger destiny than we could dream of on our own.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Wednesday February 10th
Noon - Ash Wednesday Holy Communion Worship with Imposition of Ashes
6:30PM - 7:15PM Beignets and Coffee in the Fellowship Hall
7:30PM - Ash Wednesday Holy Communion Worship with Imposition of Ashes

Trinity Seven Things You Need to Know!




Sunday January 31st during all worship services for the business of council elections (four positions) and voting on the 2016 Annual Budget/Spending Plan. Names and Bios of the four people nominated for the four council seats follow this note. Copies of the proposed 2016 Budget/Spending Plan are available during worship in the Narthex or by contacting the church office by phone (954 989 1903) or by email tlcppines@gmail.com

Trinity’s Ballot for the JAN 31st 2016 Congregational Meeting Council elections The Nominations Committee is composed of available past and current Council Presidents and Pastor Keith. Members of the Nominations Committee may not be considered for the ballot. The 2015 Nominations Committee included Kristin Berkey-Abbott, Ron McCoy, Denise Payne, Janean Baumal, and Pastor Keith.

 For 2016, there are four available 3 year positions (including two currently held by council members eligible for a second term). Below are the names of the Nominees and their brief biographies in which we asked them to answer three questions:

1. How long have you been a part of Trinity and what attracted you to make Trinity your church home?

2. What has brought you the most joy in serving at or through Trinity and/or in the world beyond Trinity?

3. What’s one thing that you would like to share about yourself that most people do not know?

 Tina Hines (second term)

(1) I have been with Trinity six years now. Melody and I had been "shopping" for a church that would suit both of us and when we found Trinity, it was like finding a family.

(2) I guess if I had to pick a favorite ministry, it would be the singing, though I do many things and enjoy all of them!

(3) I think most people do not know that I really wanted to work in the advertising field.

 Eileen Manella (second term)

(1) I have been a member of Trinity for eight years.  While visiting Trinity, I felt the spirit of Jesus in the people:  nobody was pushy or judgmental and the children were comfortable, not restrained (and as a mother that was important to me).

(2) I have received the most joy in learning how to serve and having so many opportunities to jump in and help; I like choices and variety.  This has helped me be more comfortable in joining service opportunities beyond our church.  It's like a good habit.  

(3) Most people do not know that I love baking.  I just don't have as much time for it as I used to have.

 Pat Messmer (first term)

1. I have been a member of Trinity for 23 years.

2. I have received the most joy from being a part of the congregation!
3. I think that most people would be surprised to know that I attended nursing school at Presbyterian Hospital Pittsburgh, PA and received BSN and PhD at the University of Pittsburgh, PA

 Lois Cozier (first term)

1. I joined Trinity when Luther Memorial's pastor (Rev.Bedenbaugh) retired and many changes occurred. I knew some of the people at Trinity and felt welcomed by them. I liked the acceptance of kids with disabilities and felt that Trinity could be a place where all are welcome.

2.   I have enjoyed being of service through Trinity's monthly provision of food for the homeless of Fort Lauderdale and recently through our Food Pantry here at the church.

3.   I would like to share that I am a long way from home and miss the changing seasons of the mid-west, but I am happy to bask in Florida's warmth and sunshine!

2. The Not Just for Chili Lovers Chili Cook-off

Categories include: 1. Chili (meat/meatless), 2. Cornbread 3. Dessert and 4. “Open” Open may include anything else such as main dish, soup, salad, etc. Sign up on your worship slip if you are competing!


  • Trinity’s own Eileen Soler has been recognized with 9 of her photos for the Seminole Tribune currently on display at the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Seminole Indian Museum at the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation 34725 West Boundary Rd., Clewiston, FL 33440. This Saturday JAN 16th she will be recognized for her photographs at 1PM during a reception. All welcome!  Notes of congratulations may be sent to 2637 Everglades Dr Miramar, FL 33023
  • Long-time Trinity Member, Ann Diamond’s birthday is February 2. Her address is C/O Mike Nelson PO Box 95 Viola, IL 61486
  • As David Frey continues with his chemo and has completed a round of radiation please offer words of encouragement for him and his family.  His address is  6431 SW 2 Street Pembroke Pines, FL 33023. His family includes Aunt Diane, sisters Kayla and Kaitlyn, and Grandma, Anna Matty.
  • Al and Shirley Gearhart continue to mend and hope to be among us soon. You may send notes of encouragement to them at 12731 SW 13 Manor Davie, FL 33325. And their 61st Wedding anniversary is Jan 22nd!
  •  Don and Virginia Allen will be moving to an assisted living facility in Sunrise. Their new mailing address is 4201 Springtree Dr. Sunrise, FL 33351 – Send them a note and let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers, especially during this time of transition in their lives.
  • Dot and George Tutlane will be celebrating their 72nd wedding anniversary on Jan 22nd   12950 SW 7 Ct Buckingham A 101 Pembroke Pines FL 33027.
  • We keep Jim Hasenbein, one of our dear snowbirds in our prayers as he recovers from surgery this past week


  • This year we are offering two opportunities for Service of Holy Communion with the Imposition of Ashes at Noon and 7:30PM
  • Individual Confession and Forgiveness with Imposition of Ashes is available with Pastor Keith by appointment only throughout the day. Individual confession has been a part of the Lutheran faith tradition since the days of Martin Luther. The confession made by a penitent is protected from disclosure. The pastor is obligated to respect at all times the confidential nature of a confession. The Rite of Individual Confession includes the reading of Psalms, the confessing of sins, pastoral conversation, prayer, and the declaration of forgiveness. For those who desire it, it can be a powerful opportunity to experience God’s grace. For an appointment time for Ash Wednesday please contact Pastor Keith by phone or text at (954) 668-6077 (his personal cell) or by email at tlcppines@gmail.com
  • We will celebrate the ending of the season of Epiphany and preparation for the coming season of Lent with Beignets and Coffee (or tea) prior to the 7:30PM Ash Wednesday service. Beignets will be available from 6:30PM until 7:30PM in Charter Hall when we will process over to the sanctuary for the Ash Wednesday service.

    A sign up list for pre-orders for chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day in support of Trinity’s Justice Ministry will be available beginning this Sunday. Choice of Milk chocolate, Dark Chocolate or White chocolate. 1$ each or six for 5$. Each strawberry is individually wrapped.
    Also: Trinity’s justice Ministry will now be providing the goodies for Sunday coffee hours. There is a basket for donations at the Coffee Hour Table  with a note that all donations will now go in support of our Justice Ministry. Thank you to Janean and her team for the new variety of fresh and home-made goodies now available and to Earline LaCroix for her many years of support of the Coffee Hour ministry!

  1.  The Trinity Worship Choir welcomes all! If you want to sing any Sunday all you need to do is to show up Sunday mornings at 10AM and join the choir for rehearsal for that Sunday’s 11AM service. The choir also rehearses Wednesday nights from 7PM until 8:30PM for those who are available. Contact Barbara Gilson, choir director, for more information.

Volunteers needed to weed, mulch and tend the Butterfly Garden. Training/orientation provided as to what needs to be done. Work on your own schedule. And for those needing them – this is the perfect opportunity for service hours for school! Please let Pastor Keith know.


A. ink cartridges for re-cycling. Please place in the marked basket in the narthex. We use them to get credit towards office supplies at Office Depot

B. The tops of pineapples – leave in the office or plant them yourselves in the fruit tree garden (the one that is a large raised bed rectangle) on the front east side of Charter Hall.

C. Rummage for the Rummage Sale! (collecting from January 10th – February 21st). Place in designated area of Charter Hall. Any questions – please contact Dany Vega.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Earthly Power, God's Power

by Kristin Berkey-Abbott

The reading for Sunday, January 17, 2016:

1 Samuel 8:  1-20

In the passage that we'll explore on Sunday, we see the ancient Israelites demanding a king.  God's prophet Samuel tells them what it will be like to have a king.  At first it sounds great, a veritable jobs program.  But having a king comes with a price--and a cost.  The cost might be a version of taxes:  a certain proportion of crops.  But it will also cost them their children.

The people ignore Samuel, and here we have yet another example--not the first and certainly not the last--of God's people choosing earthly power despite the cost.

We may think that we're immune to the lure of earthly power, but I would submit that we are not.  I write this on the day of the drawing of the largest Powerball give away ever--clearly earthly power, in the form of money, is quite seductive.  We may dream of the great good we'd do with all that money, and perhaps we would.  But frankly, it doesn't take much money to do good in the world right now.  There's nothing stopping us from living like we've already won that money--nothing but our minds.

That's the problem with earthly power--it usually comes at great cost, and before we know it, our minds are enslaved.  We can't dream the kinds of expansive dreams that God needs us to envision.

Let us take time to think about all the ways in which we are like those ancient Israelites.  How do we desire a king that's not God?  Let us think of all the visions that distract us.  How have we let ourselves be shaped by what the world tells us we should want?  What does God want for us?

What would happen if we turned away and remembered God's vision of what it means to be the people of God?