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Thursday, February 11, 2016

MISSION POSSIBLE Loose Change "Noisy Offering" To Begin Sunday

With Ash Wednesday now behind us, yet ever with us, our Lenten Opportunities at Trinity have begun!
One of those is our support of Luther Springs and its MISSION POSSIBLE Campaign for facility expansion. Ask any of the ladies who has attended the annual GodSpa spiritual retreat what a gift Luther Springs is. Ask Christian Spencer who has attended camp there as a child and last year served on the camp staff.  Ask Carl Berkey-Abbott who has served on the NovusWay board (the "parent" organization of which Luther Springs is a part).
http://missionpossiblecampaign.weebly.com/  for more information on he campaign.
Our offering towards this campaign begins this Sunday and continues throughout Lent with a special weekly "noisy" offering of change collected during our offering time in which your generous gift of change will be poured into a big jug. 
Thank you in advance for your support  of this precious facility of faith nurture!

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